STEER  has developed USTEER, an app to give parents personalised steering guidance to improve their family relationships. We are making this available for FREE through to September to support all parents coping during coronavirus.

Coronavirus lockdown is placing huge strain on all families. In the midst of the stress, restrictions and anxiety of coronavirus, we all want to safeguard the relationships that matter most to us in the world: our families.

Sometimes we need a little help to do that. For example, 

  • Maybe you can’t find the right words to use with your teenager
  • Maybe you need guidance to shore up a precious but strained relationship 
  • Maybe you need some control over your own emotions and behaviours

The USTEER app can help you in these situations. USTEER will help you to understand your own steering biases which shape your responses and reactions to others. USTEER will help you find the right words for different members of your family. USTEER will help you gain emotional control in an uncertain family situation.

Watch our video to find out how USTEER can help you as a parent


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