Trusting oneself

Contexts when it is appropriate for a child to question their qualities, skills, ideas and opinions

  • When choosing to be influenced by what is going on around them
  • When choosing to be sensitive to the feedback of others
  • When choosing question whether it is appropriate for others to notice, value and respect their qualities, skills, ideas and opinions

For example

  • Preparing for exams and accurately self-assessing
  • Trying to learn a new skill, and accepting it will be challenging
  • Working collaboratively towards a shared goal
  • Fitting in with what is going on rather than standing apart
  • Accepting rather than challenging a decision
  • Being willing to change their mind
  • Asking for feedback about ideas before acting on them
  • Being self-reflective and looking for ways to continue developing
  • Setting realistic aspirations and effortfully working towards them
  • Accepting failure and learning from it
  • Recognising something is too difficult, and asking for or accepting support
  • Listening to advice
  • Recognising when they have made an error or mistake and learning from it

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