Taking on Leadership

Taking on leadership is an experience for which children need to prepare. Learning how to take responsibility; learning how to manage a project; learning how to work with other people; learning how to work toward goals and motivate other people…. All of these are valuable skills for life and work. Children need opportunities, experiences, feedback and training to acquire them.

Children who are self-doubting and attention needing may need help to trust their own voice and authority rather than be swayed by the crowd.

Children who are self-assured and attention indifferent may need help to be open, flexible and collaborative in their leadership. They may prefer to dominate and direct, and need help to facilitate and support.

Children who are attention avoiding may need help not to shy away from leadership. They are often shrewd judges of character and may need encouragement to step up, take responsibility and exert their influence for good.

Children who over-check and over-regulate will often be given more responsibilities than they can manage. Parents should ensure they are not being over-burdened, and should look for opportunities for them to step back and just relax rather than always stepping forward as the responsible child.

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  • The articles on this page support children with patterns of behaviour which are known to  be particularly associated with problems in taking on leadership.


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