Signposts to lower your child’s trust of others

Signposts to lower your child's trust of others

decrease-tooYou may be concerned that your child has an overly high trust of other people’s ideas, thoughts, feelings and opinions. A healthy questionning of others enables children to develop good judgement, agency and appropriate responsibility .

Children who develop a fixed bias toward high trust of others can have increased risks: they can be drawn into dependent relationships, seeking to please those they see as influential. They can be naive and lack critical skills to question other’s motives and ideas. They can become over-burdened taking on inappropriate responsibility or blame for things that other’s have done.

So how can you signpost your children to lower their trust of others?

Look out for when your child takes on inappropriate responsibility for others, takes on a caring role within the home, or absorbs emotional tension.

  • These behaviours can make your child feel overwhelmed, which can become problematic if they don’t have effective ways to relax.
  • As a parent, you can be intentional about directing your child towards healthy outlets that they might like, such as sport, drama or music.
  • Look for ways to give your children experiences which are relaxing and where they are not supporting anyone else.
  • Enable them to ‘receive’ these freely rather they feeling they have to ‘earn’ them through duty or hard work. Children with a high trust of others may feel a sense of guilt that they receiving from, rather than giving to, other people.



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