How this site will help your family

How this site will help your family

Each week a new article will help parents signpost their children toward healthy, rounded behaviours…

Steering Parents is designed to provide clear signposts to help parents steer their children along the road of adolescence. Steering Parents provides strategies, developed by adolescent mental health and educational professionals and used by top schools in the UK, to help parents develop healthy, rounded children.

Steering Parents has been developed by Mind. World/Education, an educational consultancy that works with many of the top schools in the UK, including Harrow and Wellington College. Under the leadership of Dr Jo and Dr Simon Walker, Steering Parents offers free, regular articles to support healthy home environments.

Using the language of a road along which children must learn to steer, Steering Parents identifies what healthy and unhealthy steering looks like in children from ages 8-18. Parents are helped to understand thinking biases which their child may be exhibiting. Targeted and simple strategies are then provided to help parents signpost their children toward healthy steering.

Steering Parent articles apply the wisdom from years of experience, research and application in education, to the home. They are categorised into biases of concern (Steering@home), events of significance (Navigating the road), and tagged by theme.


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