Steering Parents is a project  run by STEER, an organisation that tracks and supports the social & emotional health of 50,000 children in schools across 12 countries.

Our Founders

Steering Parents was launched by Dr Simon and Dr Jo Walker, from 25 years of experience teaching schools, leaders and parents through their research, writing and programmes.


Dr Jo Walker

D Prof, BA (Hons), QTS, Prof Dip (Adv. Executive Coaching)

Jo has worked in education for twenty five years. Having been an OFSTED outstanding practitioner for ten years, she spent eight years as a BESD (behavioural, emotional, social difficulties) consultant for the local authority. Over this period she innovated and implemented award winning county-wide initiatives to support healthy, well-regulated adolescent development in schools. She returned to school leadership as an academic deputy head in a large inner city state school, before taking on a role as a school consultant and coach in the independent sector.

In 2016 Jo completed her doctoral study in adolescent self-regulation, which underpins the academic foundations of AS Tracking, the Footprints PSHE curriculum and Steering Parents.

As a teacher, advisor and parent Jo is passionate about resourcing fellow parents with practical, academically robust strategies to nurture rounded, healthy children able to make wise choices. Jo is a director of Mind.World, co-author of AS Tracking and leads the growing team of AS Tracking trainers and consultants.


Dr Simon P. Walker

DProf, MTh, MA Oxon, BTh, MBPsS

Simon is a cognitive scientist, an Honorary Fellow at Bristol Graduate School of Education and a qualified member of the British Psychological Society. He taught graduate leadership at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University for seven years, and has been a consultant to blue chip corporate firms including Accenture, KPMG and PWC. He has written several books about Steering Cognition in leadership and organisations.

Simon first studied Biology at Oxford University. He was awarded his DProf in Public Works for his contribution to professional fields of undefended leadership from Winchester University. He also holds Honours and Masters degrees in Theology from Oxford.

As a scientist, an educator and a parent, Simon is committed to the formation of resourceful, wise and resilient young people, able to make wise choices in a complex world. He has designed and led the large quantitative research studies involving more than 10,000 students and 40 schools in the UK and globally to develop the theory and tools behind Steering Parents and AS Tracking.

They Say

  • Many parents feel the signposts they grew up with have been suddenly removed. We need to know there are directions we can still trust.

    Jo Walker
  • Steering Parents will provide guidance, reassurance and support for all parents facing the great challenges of bringing up children today

    Simon Walker

Our journey

Simon and Jo have been married for 21 years. They have three children aged 19, 17 and 13. They set up STEER in 2011 to develop a pioneering tool,  AS Tracking, to support proactive, evidence-based, targeted pastoral care in schools.  With 20 years experience as parents of children, Simon and Jo have faced the same challenges as every other family.

Our guidance to help other parents

Simon and Jo launched Steering Parents in 2017 to share the wisdom and resources of STEER with parents around the world. The guidance on the Steering Parents web site is shared from our experience, research and work in the fields of education and parenting. Each signpost is very carefully designed, and has been trialled and used by professionals in the field, so that can be an effective signpost for our parents.

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